How it all began…..

This blog, Catty Jane Book Lovers, was a dream and brain child of two besties that loved to read and talk books and boys. We have loved many, kissed frogs, one of us has married and had babies, the other, just had babies, many years have passed, but our friendship has always remained the same. We have always been the two nerdy girls, heads stuck in books, making mixed tapes, making three way calls, drinking a little too soon, laughing way too loud but loving every bit of life we could. So, we are now in our late 30’s, one of us has children entering school, the other has kids either in college or getting ready for college, but we are still reading our books, sharing our stories and having our own kinda reviewing session. Then we ventured to YouTube and then moved to Facebook, and now we are here. Bringing our love of books and our friendship and sharing it with anyone who will listen and read it. So, thank you for being on this reading journey with us.

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