Welcome to Catty Jane Book Lovers

Hello all and welcome to a dream come true for two best friends who have loved reading since they escaped the womb. Catty Jane is made up of three kick ass ladies who devour books, and are not afraid to be called a book nerd. Catty is Catherine or Cat, Jane is Teresa Jane or Teri Jane by those who love her mucho. We have a wonderful friend who also contributes with or blog and reviews, and that is our friend Emma. We all went to the same junior high school and high school, which was also made up of nerds. Cat and Teri remained close and have been close for about 26 years, They have paperback book swapped over the years, and have fan girl-ed and had many review and critique sessions, when it was just us. We had always said we should start a blog and make what we love to do, mix with what we would like to share with those out there who are looking for a great book and adventure to fall in love with next. So, we first dipped our toe in the water with video reviews on YouTube, and it was the greatest fun we had in forever…..and so the adventure began, and the the bug really bit us. So here we are, launching the website, after going live on Facebook and YouTube. Emma is our reviewer and contributor that does not like the limelight and avoids all of our YouTube videos at all costs, but she will be on here with all of her written reviews and recommendations. I mean, she used to be a librarian, my friend is so much cooler than yours.

Well, I hope you all find all of our reviews helpful, witty, and insightful. Also, that you find that we are funniest bunch of broads you have seen and you can’t wait for our next video review and see our take on that story or the author we met. If you want to reach out to us, please contact us via this page or any of our social media platforms listed below. businesscard-2inx3.5in-h

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