Review of Judging Books by Shay Savage

Talk about book hangover! But it wasn’t a traditional book hangover. I loved this book because the “alpha male” was like no other strong male character I have ever seen before. I loved how Shay was able to create a completely unique take on love, romance, and what it means to be “alpha.”

Ethan is a 19 year old, tattooed, pierced, BMX riding, guy who is who he is, and I love EVERY piece of him! Ashlyn is the only child of a successful businessman who has been groomed from birth to take over the family accounting firm. She has been raised to worry about appearances and to maintain a certain lifestyle, but when she meets Ethan her view of the world is turned upside down.

With almost a decade between them (yes, Ashlyn is the older woman here, which I absolutely love) they have so many barriers to overcome. You will love every aspect of this book and the completely original characters that Shay has created…hence the book hangover.

This has easily become one of top five books for 2017. I implore you to give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!

~Review by Teri Jane

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