Review for Pretty Dead Girls By Monica Murphy

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

Wow. Okay so first of all I love Monica Murphy, but have not been a huge fan of suspense. I think Monica has turned me! This is Gossip Girl meets, Scream, meets Pretty Little Liars. If you love high school drama (which I do) then you definitely want to check this out.

Penelope is the popular leader of the school group the Larks. She is basically the Queen “B” in every sense of the word with her little minion B’s right behind her doing what girls do, which is be catty, slutty, and all around mean.

Cass is the mysterious bad boy that everyone avoids during school hours, but secretly many have strong ties to him. Really, this is a must read. Monica never fails!- Teri(Jane)PrettyDeadGirls_e-book500 (1)PDG-AN


This was such a crazy departure from the Monica Murphy books I have read and know so well. But believe me, I was not disappointed in any way. Who doesn’t love a good YA(Young Adult), angsty, drama, with a murder mystery twist thrown in. For me, it was like Mean Girls meets Murder She Wrote and I love both of those. I did not put this book down from beginning to end and kept me engaged, You go Monica…..give me more now though!!!!- Catherine(Catty)

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