Review of Enticing Daphne by Jessica Prince

****ARC received for honest review****
Written so well that I didn’t even realize this wasn’t a stand alone, but part of a series. I have since one clicked the other two books. I love that this is, now that I really know, centering around best friends. I love this book, I had to change my life around so I could read this straight through. I want all who read this review to know, this is worth your time and money….one click.-Review by Catherine(Catty)


*** ARC Provided for Honest Review ***

!!!!!FIVE STARS!!!!!

Have you ever started a book a got one chapter, one page, one paragraph in and immediately knew you would FLOVE this book? That is exactly how I felt about Enticing Daphne! I knew instantly that this book would be AWESOME, and it sooooo is!

Caleb and Daphne book were raised witnessing the most dysfunctional relationships. While Daphne had believed in HEA, her heart was crushed so thoroughly that she gave up on it. Then she had the best one night stand of her life. So good, she thought he broke her, lol. As any good author does, they by chance meet again…too bad he’s an absolute douche (her words, but I agree). Circumstances keep them in the same circle, but the sex keeps them coming back for me.

If you want a hot, fun, great read, please read Enticing Daphne!-Review by Teri(Jane)Enticing Daphne Final Front Cover

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