Review of Down on Me by J. Kenner

Down on Me by J. Kenner
4 stars
*** ARC Provided for Honest Review ***
This is quick, fun, and steamy book that starts with Reece and Jenna, two long-time best friends that can’t stop the attraction that has been building for years.
Reese, Jenna, and the third part to their tri-pod, Brent, all band together to help their friend Tyree save his bar. In doing so, Jenna, an up and coming event planner comes up with the idea for a calendar contest to drum up more business for the bar. In working together Reece and Jenna have some super steamy and a little risque intimate moments (wink, wink) that will keep you turning the page.
This is a great start in the series and I can’t wait to read all about Mr. February!-Review by Teri(Jane)1 - January - Down On Me

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