Review of Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

Review of Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen
*** ARC Provided for Honest Review ***
This one is worth so much more than FIVE stars!
I can’t believe how much L.J. Shen completely gets me! There is nothing better (for me) than two people who don’t have that insta-love, but instead there is no attraction whatsoever. That’s what happens in Midnight Blue. Alex sees Indie, his “sobriety babysitter” and find absolutely nothing attractive about her. She is so far from his type. Of course Indie knows who Alex is; he’s a rock star for goodness sake. She even listens to his music. Although he’s hot, in that rock star type of way, he is also a recovering drug addict, he’s rude, he’s unapologetic, and he wants nothing more than for Indie to go away. That is until his bandmate shows some interest. Then, Alex wants nothing more than to mess with him and take away whatever he may want. And Alex makes this no secret.
This book is my everything. Affection that develops over time, that develops not just because of some instant attraction, but because of getting to truly know someone and seeing every day how incredible that other person is. Of course, there are some curve balls and obstacles they have to overcome…well more that a few. But you cannot miss Midnight Blue! L. J. Shen is easily one of my top author crushes!-Review by Teri(Jane)
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
This is beyond a 5 STAR READ!!!!
My Bestie, my partner in blogging crime, has raved about L.J. Shen for months, and I have yet to pick up a single book, rather it be digital or paperback. I even brought a signed copy of a book from Vegas for the bestie by L.J. and didn’t sneak a read in. But, man…I was really missing out and for once I will say, the bestie was right. This broad L.J. can write her ass off and I bow at her feet. I was completely engulfed in this story and if this is any indication of way previous books were like, I needed to get my one-click on…(which I totally did BTW, one-clicked 3 books and they are itching to be read). I am now engaged in an epic book hangover and having a hard time reading my next ARC that is on deck…thank you L.J. and bestie, I am a convert.-Review by Catherine(Catty)
-Would not allow this review to post on Amazon but is posted on Goodreads.

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