Review of Deep Control by Annabel Joseph

*** ARC Provided for Honest Review ****

Intense! This is the first time that I really have a hard time describing how and why I like a book. I have never read anything by Annabel before, but I have read some BDSM books before. And I have thoroughly enjoyed them. But this one totally took me out of my comfort zone. At the same time it kept me coming back for more. I feel like Annabel became by book drug dealer with this one. The sex scenes would start out super hot, then cross a line (for me) that would make me wonder if I wanted to keep going, but of course I did.

I fell so in love with the characters Devin and Ella. Ella is the funny, crazy smart astrophysicist. Devin an incredible hot, alpha, rich pilot. They are both so anti-relationship that watching them each push and pull each other is what kept me so invested. I can’t get over how much I loved these characters, while at the same time completely not understanding their kink.

Again, I loved this book because of the characters. At the same time, this BDSM is so not my cup of tea. It goes further than I want to explore. So word of caution, this one totally pushes boundaries, yet the writing is stellar, the characters are amazing, and sex is hot (up to a point for me). Make sure you can take what this book is offering before diving in.-Review by Teri(Jane)

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