Our Review of Living Out Loud by Staci Hart

I want to Live out Loud

*****ARC Received for Honest Review*******
What Staci Hart does to words that linger on a page and are translated to our dumbass brains, is beyond me. This series, the Austin Series and this book, Living Out Loud, in particular, was so good. I waited a few days to put words to paper about what I read, how I felt about if, digest it and then regurgitate them to you….maybe a bad choice of words, but it is too damn early.

I won’t give any spoilers, because I hate that, but I will tell you tat you will feel, you will feel so good, feel so sad, feel so happy, feel so defeated, feel so anxious, and so on. This is what Staci does so well, she gives you everything when she writes. Leaves it all on the page, her heart, her soul, everything she had the feels for about her characters she puts it down. This is a total must read. If you don’t read it this year, I am worried for you….j/k.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

FIVE Stars!

WOW! I must say that typically I devour a book very quickly, but Staci writes in such a way, with such purpose of every word that she’s the kind of the author that I savor instead of devour. I LOVE this book.

Annie is an amazing, completely unspoiled character. She is so pure, light, fun, and warm. She is the type of person that everyone needs in their life (both in real life and book life, lol).

Greg is a total dream. Although it was Will who Annie thought was the perfect guy, it turns out that Greg is so much better, because he’s perfect for Annie. The two of them are like a Jane Austen novel; so perfect, so amazing, and everything I’ve come to love of not only Jane Austen, but of Staci Hart too. You truly can never go wrong with a Staci Hart book, but her Austen series is simply out of this world! (Review by Teresa “Jane”)

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