Review by The Catty Jane Girls of The Wrong Kind of Love by Lexi Ryan

Review of The Wrong Kind of Love by Lexi Ryan

5 stars

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

I have always loved Lexi Ryan and The Wrong Kind of Love simply reaffirmed that fact for me. I finished the book wondering why I don’t have more Lexi Ryan books in my tbr stack. She is so good!

The Wrong Kind of Love starts out with a runaway bride, a cheating lying fiance, a (in my opinion) despicable twin sister, a new town offering a fresh start.

Jackson Harbor is where Nic lands, and lucky for her the exact place that she needs to be to not only find herself, but heal from too bruises from a lot of people that are suppose to love her purely. She gives herself one night to drink her sorrows away, but of course life can’t be that easy when the guy she goes home with turns out to be the employer she needs to explain why she is there and her twin sister is not…so ensues miscommunication, well intentions, twin swapping lives and over all drama. Which I LOVE!

I can’t wait to read more about the brothers from Jackson Harbor. One town could only be so lucky to have so much hotness! Yum!!! (review by Terrie “Jane”)

5 STAR Review

******ARC Received for Honest Review*******
I honestly was so impressed by this book and this story…and I am so happy this is book 1 in The Boys of Jackson Harbor. Nicole is at the most important and happiest day of her life, only to be betrayed by her future husband and her identical twin sister at the alter. So, what is the best think a girl who has been screwed over by the love her life and the slut she calls her sister…she runs. This book was refreshing, funny, romantic, moving and just enjoyable. I was invested and wanted to know what was going to happen next and what more can you ask for in a great read?-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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