Review by Catty Jane of Use Me by Kimberly Knight

4 stars
*** ARC Provided for Honest Review ***
This is a first read of Kimberly Knight for me, but it won’t be my last. Use Me is is the kind of writing that is right up my alley. Talk about drama! How much can one couple endure?
These two, Rhy and Ashtyn, only wanted to forget a couple of bad break-ups, maybe become friends with benefits. But between the chemistry these two have, and circumstances which seem to keep bringing them together, it seem like fate has always conspired that they would end up together. Kimberly is an author that you must check out and Use Me won’t let you down. (review by Terri “Jane”)
****5 STAR Review****
Kimberly….girl….I am so glad I met you and that you told me about your new release and I was so anxious to read it since you were so awesome, but I was a little scared, because it could really suck. This so DID NOT SUCK!!!!! Where have you been Kimberly Knight??? It was a great read. I would consider this a Rom/Com with a some amazing quirky twists. This book got me over a book hangover I could not break to save my life. What I am trying to say is READ ME!!!!!-Review by Catherine(Catty)28167701_969599876541050_162403180924166486_n

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