Review of Only You by Melanie Harlow

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

Who doesn’t love two long time friends who have only like to push each other’s buttons, suddenly realizing that there is more behind the fun banter and fighting.

Nate is a perfectly happy bachelor and divorce attorney who has no intention of ever getting married or having a family. While his neighbor, Emme is the kind of girl that completely believes in happily ever afters and wears her heart on her sleeve. Every boyfriend can be “the one,” until they are not. Did I mention is also a walking disaster. Nate has come barging into her apartment several times to save her from whatever catastrophe she has caused that day.

Throw in a baby, life changing epiphanies, and wish at 11:11 and you get a fun, sexy, friends to lovers story. Nate and Emme are adorable. You will want read another great book by Melanie Harlow. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

******4/4.5 STARS*****

****ARC Received for Honest Review****
These are the type of stories I started the genre of Romance for, the relationship between two people, who are polar opposites, that have differing opinions on life, love and relationships, but who seem to have underlying sexual tension and amazing chemistry. Take Nate the pessimistic commitment phobic divorce attorney and Emme the love story fairytale driven wedding planner, and you know you will see a completely flip side to all aspects of their relationship. They have a common theme of being friends, being there for each other, no matter their differences, and that is tested when a baby, Nate’s baby is left on his doorstep and Emme is left to help him and is left see how incredible he is in his new role and how much she wants to fit into that picture.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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