Review of Transcend by Jewel E Ann

Review of Transcend by Jewel E. Ann. This book was a must read and we are so glad it is a duet and the second is out soon!!!

****5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****

Blew my F’n mind. I thought I knew you Jewel E Ann….but oh was I so freaking wrong. This book was INCREDIBLE and it will probably one I will reread over again, because I know I have to have missed something. The relationships between Swayze, Griffin and Nathaniel will verge on making you jealous and making hurt all over.

I am on the edge of my seat and my breath is holding for the next one….It was so beyond what I expected and I will never have any expectations with you again Jewel, you kicked me where it hurts!!!-Review by Catherine(Catty)

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

5 stars

I am still trying to pick my jaw up off of the ground. Transcend is an amazing and unprecedented take on a love triangle. This book will make your heart hurt in so many different ways.

Swayze was never an average girl, but all testing showed she was not a genius either.

Griffin is the ultimate book boyfriend. He can be my Grocery Store Guy any day! Hot mechanic with a sensitive side. He knows exactly what he has in Swayze; he knew the moment he saw her trying to buy chocolate, wine, and tampons in the check lane.

Nathaniel may have come a long way from his dirt poor upbringing, but being a profressor is not helping him navigate the world of being a single father.

The roads between the three meet and cross at Swayze. And the connection you discover is truly unbelievable. Not only could I not put this book down, the ending had me saying W…T…F…! Make sure you are ready to one-click this one and the next. There is no way you stop at reading only this book. Happy reading, you are going to so enjoy this love triangle which is like no other! (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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