Review of Recklessly Devoted by Emily Bowie

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

I couldn’t believe how quickly I was drawn into this book. Especially considering I had not read the first two. I wish I had read the first two though, not just because I was a little lost when references were made to prior stories, but mainly because the other relationships would have been amazing to read about.

It was so cute to see Brody Bennett, aka Casanova, being reduced to his knees by Cassy. The interplay between the two, especially the pranks was so much fun. There was absolutely no denying the pull between the two, but seeing them try to fight it was great. I completely recommend this book.(Review by Terri “Jane”)

****4.5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****

Well, we had to do a little begging and pleading to get this ARC because we love us some Emily Bowie and I was not disappointed. I read the second Bennett Brothers book and was hooked, and this third book in the series was just as great. I love how Emily weaved in the sexual chemistry of Brody and Cassy and the amazing suspense and drama.

It was great to see a Bennett brother go after a girl, especially one like Cassy who seems to be unwilling to be courted or loved, and Brody not take no for an answer. Another great book from Emily Bowie….-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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