Review of The Theory of Unrequited by Len Webster

*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***
5 Stars
This new adult book is so beautiful. It’s the story of two best friends, AJ/Alexandra and Evan. The Theory of Unrequited is able to build a past/present point of view (which I am usually not a fan of, but wow, it’s done right in this book!) which paints a picture of two best friends and the long road that has brought them a place where AJ finally had to put herself first. In doing so, Evan is devastated.
If you are like me, you will fall in love with not only the story of AJ and Evan, but also the journey of self discovery that AJ puts herself on. I cannot wait for the next installment and to see where life takes not only AJ and Evan, but everyone else who has been brought into their world. This book is so wonderful! (Review by Terri “Jane”)
****4.5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
Evan does not know what he had in his best friend AJ, he didn’t realize how much he loved her. Everyone else saw her beauty, her attractiveness and her appeal to the opposite sex and he just could not see her for what she was, he was too stuck in her being his best friend, his whole life, his escape, his lifesaver in his crappy life.
AJ, couldn’t go into college being in love with her best friend and him look at her the way he has her whole life, like she is just that, the best friend. She wanted more and wanted to start fresh, even though it will kill her and would make Evan hate her.
This book was so good and angsty. It will leave you with a book hangover and you will curse Len Webster for leaving you hanging and wanting the next book.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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