Review of Serenity by Rochelle Paige

****5 STARS****
****ARCS Received for Honest Review****

This was greater conclusion for the cliffhanger emotional first part of the duet Fortuity. Serenity gave me more tears, more hope, more laughs and of course more love. Faith and Dillion’s story is such a moving a love story but also a journey of relationships in general. How you have to work with someone who is sick, what is needed when the road get rough and bumpy….

It is an incredible journey from Fortuity to Serenity and there is not a word you will not want to miss reading. Have tissues ready, because, Rochelle’s ass likes to makes us want to cry and she is winning in that are….-Review by Catherine(Catty)


*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***
4.5 Stars

So many unexpected twists and turns in this second part to the duet. I absolutely love the intense connection these two have. It’s not just the physical connection between Dillion and Faith, it all the events in everyone’s life that had to occur to bring these two together. It is amazing, heart breaking, and breathtaking what Dillion and Faith endure to find each other and then the strength to stay together.

If you have read the first part, you MUST read the second half to the duet. So much comes to light, things you would have never expected. Plus you get to read a beautiful love story. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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