Review of The Roots of Us by Candace Knoebel….


*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

4.5 stars

Wow talk about angsty! Here are two people Hartley and Hudson who have been scarred by their past. Hartley has learned from her mother that men, in particular her father, leave; that love is an illusion and to not chase it. So she doesn’t. Hartley is a free spirit going where she wants, when she wants and following her one true love…her career.

In contrast, Hudson is rooted in his home waiting for forgiveness, never following his own desires for life; instead he waits and revolves his life around those he has lost.

The chemistry between Hudson and Hartley is undeniable, even to Hartley who has trained herself to run at any hint of a connection. But when the time comes for to choose to stay or go and follow her career, she goes.

What connects these two and ultimately tears them a part is so intricate. If you love drama, separation, and the long road that brings two people together, you will definitely need to read this one. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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