Review of Celebrity by Sienna Snow


*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

3.5 stars

While I’m not a fan of politics in my reading, Sienna Snow was able to create one great love story which is intertwined within the political world.

Samina Kumar always put Devin’s career and his family’s political aspirations ahead of herself. Ahead of her career, her feelings, and her relationship with Devin. After years of putting up with this and staying in the shadows, Samina is fed up and finally put Devin on notice that she is done.

Devin, a federal Judge always took Samina for granted. While he has loved her and could never imagine a life without her, her status as a high profile attorney was just too much. Her clients have finally pushed her into her own celebrity status and that was something he never expected or wanted in his life or career.

Too bad for Devin something has to give. The love between them is amazing. I loved Samina stopping and taking a stance for herself and her own career, even at the risk of her own heart. Samina is strong female character who will no longer be in the background, not even for the love of her life. Great read, even with the political overtones, lol. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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