Review of Between of Raindrops by Sydney Logan


*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

4/4.5 stars

This is a beautiful young adult story that touches on so many tough subjects that teens and young adults face such abuse, drug use, sex and abstinence, etc. Scout is a young girl who has had lots of loss and hardships in her life. After losing her dad and her mom going to jail, ending up with her uncle can’t be too bad, plus, being so close to being 18, the last thing she wants to do is rock boat even more and end up in a group home.

The only thing Wyatt wants to do is stay under the radar, keep getting good grades and listen to his music. He is a young man with everything…great parents, a nice home, nice car, college education if he wants it. Too bad he is completely oblivious to what a great life he has and how badly he takes everything for granted.

When they meet, it’s not only the connection they have with each other, it’s what each has to give. Wyatt opens his eyes to beauty of his life. Scout finds the safe haven she hasn’t had since she was little girl.

This is the type of book you want every teenager to read. There is a little something that will touch any young person. Sydney Logan did such a great job creating two very different characters and bringing them together in such a way that life lessons can be learned. I really look forward to reading more! (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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