Review of Order of Protection by Lexi Blake


***ARC Received for Honest Review ***
4 stars

Lexi Blake is ALWAYS a sure bet!

Henry Garrison is a hot shot NY lawyer who is completely done with anything and anyone “Hollywood.” Taylor Winston-Hughes is also done with Hollywood after her stint on a hit reality show and of course being known as the Billion-Dollar baby all of her life. When the two are brought together the attraction is there, even though they have a lot of reasons to stay a part. Mutually they decide on a short fling before each goes their own way. Lies, murder, and of course money drive this book and bring the two back together.

There is so much going on and in this story, and still in the midst of everything is the crazy connection between Henry and Win.  If you like a great attraction and hot sex, if you love a little bit of “who done it” or if you just want a really good book, check out Order of Protection. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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