Review of Incognito by Siobhan Davis


****ARC Received for Honest Review****
After reading this book, I am going to have to check myself into a book recovery center, to do some type of rehab. Siobhan is super new to me, but reading her books wreck me. I am not going to give spoilers….in this type of book, it just isn’t fair. You should go into this story with no preconceived notions, and enjoy the ride that Siobhan is about to send you on.
Siobhan can bring you two damaged individuals whose backgrounds are so different, whose upbringings are so diverse, and throw them in a bag and shake them up, and some how makes you see how they should be together. That their love, their need for each other, will be strong enough to slowly chip away at what has wrecked them. This is what she has done with Dakota and Shawn, two different individuals running from something, shadows that haunt them both, damage at every turn. You just can’t put it down, the story is so entangled in thrill, sadness, love and emotion and you want every drop of it.-Review by Catherine(Catty)
*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***
***5 Stars***
This Siobhan at her best. Incognito is a wonderful story about two people discovering each other just when they need someone the most. Shawn/Levi is trying to keep a low profile while his stalker situation is figured out at home. The last thing he needs is to bring someone into his mess of a life. Especially now that he trying to put it back on track. Dakota is simply hanging on, trying to make the best out of a life she never expected or wanted to live. Be ready to do nothing but read about these two and their difficult choices. It’s worth every minute to be a part of them fighting their attraction and figuring out how to make it all work. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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