Review of Strong Hold by Sarah Castille


****5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
Thank you Sarah…this is the book I have been waiting for, the book that told Shayla’s story. I thought the other Redemption Series books were great, this one topped those for me. I loved to see Shayla in a more vulnerable and exposed space, where we can see her at her rawest. We get her back story and what makes her the person we have seen in some of your other books.
Then you see Zack and what the MMA realm has given him, what it has taken from him and how he is trying to cope with not doing what he was once the best at, and turn it in to something amazing by bringing top MMA fighters out to the forefront. Then Shayla “Shilla the Killa” the one he ran from is the one who is the up and comer. He can no longer run, and she can no longer hide. They both have to deal with the damage from their past and see if what happens between them can move them forward into the future.
I love this story, I love Sarah Castille…and this book just did it for me.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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