Review of Officemate by Katie Ashley


****4 Smoking Hot Sassy Stars****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
This story of Thorn, who has to take his fine ass out of his military fatigues and make nice with the real world in the most uncomfortable designer suits, where he still looks incredibly fine. He is not in his element, but has to be safe and make the men under him safe, because now his old man is now the President. He is now put into a position within his fathers company, where he is completely lost and has to learn the ropes from Isabel. And let the butting of the heads begin.
Isabel has to trained someone to do the job she has been working her butt off to do. She has moved up the ranks in this company every since she was hired and has dedicated every single ounce of herself into making it to where this enticed douche is now occupying, and not because he deserves it but because he is family. All of that does not smother the flames of the fire the rolls through her in his presence. He is a fine specimen of a man, that is for damn sure, and she tries so hard tamp down those flames. Read this book and she if the fire consumes her.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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