Review of Broken Love Story by Natasha Madison


****4.5/5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
Natasha…why do you do this to me? I ugly cried…just like Carrie Underwood said, you don’t cry pretty and there were no pretty tears for me in this one. But, it was cleansing. You made me feel all my feelings, whether I wanted to or not. This book is aptly named, since it is based on two people brought together with broken or destroyed love stories.
The depths of betrayal that rocked Samantha’s world and then having to face the consequences of the destruction that her husband left in his wake, is almost unbearable. How do you move on from this? How do you survive with everything you knew to be real, to be a complete lie and have no one to be angry at?
Blake is a man who has given up the love of his life and lived with the consequences of that decision for the last 15 years. He carries the weight of what ifs and silent regret. He knows he will find no one to fill the hole in his heart that his one and only love has left behind. But can two people with broken love stories, mend their broken pasts and their broken hearts together….so freaking good.-Review by Catherine(Catty)
*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***
***4.5 stars***

I have to say that this one got me right from the beginning! Although my counter part, Cat, has read Natasha Madison before, this is a new author to me and I absolutely love her. Broken Love Story starts right off of the bat so raw and emotional that there’s no way you can put it down. The story of finding love at such a sad and heart breaking time is unfathomable for both Blake and Samantha. For Blake it’s been seven years since he lost the love of his life. Samantha is struggling with a much fresher loss topped with a total betrayal. I had no clue this was the second in a series. It’s a complete standalone but after reading this one I so want to go back and see how Hailey recovered from her tragic part in Samantha’s life. I so recommend this book. I devoured it, staying up all night wanting to not miss a moment of Blake and Samantha and I think you will too. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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