Review of As Dust Dances by Samantha Young….


****ARC Received for Honest Review****
Why Samantha….why do you continue to do this to me? I dream of a day you disappoint me and you finally become a real person, but no…you have to go and do all things right with this book again. I don’t do spoilers and neither does Samantha Young, she wants her readers to enjoy the reading experience from page one and not have what us prior readers spoiling it for them….don’t you hate that? So I will let you know what made this book a 5 star for me and why Skylar and Killian and their relationship important enough for you to one-click.
This book is a beautifully flawed story about the evolution and journey of two different people, Skylar and Killian, who have so many of their own broken bits, and you watch how Samantha weaves the paths they take, the experiences that are explored and how each has to bend. The question you will find yourself asking many times while reading, is this the breaking point?-Review by Catherine(Catty)
*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***
***5 stars***
I have loved every Samantha Young book I have read, but this one is over the top good.  I was completely captivated from the start. How can you not be when the book starts off with Skylar, a former pop rock star who falls off the grid and becomes homeless on the streets of Glasgow. Come on, you’re hooked right?  Enter Killlian the stone cold and aloof A&R executive. The friendship, lust, and passion that develops is insanely hot and believable. There is so much to this story that I don’t want to give away, just trust me you so want to know what pushed Skylar to the streets of Glasgow and what drives Killian to help bring her back from them. All Samantha Young books are good but this is out of this world exceptional.  (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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