Review of Dirty Halo by Evie East


****4 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
I went into this book with no expectations…Evie is a brand new author and I was going in with an open mind and ready to be a part of a great journey….thank you Evie East!!! What a good one out of the gate. I am not a fan of books based around royalty, just seems so unrealistic to me. When the hell am I can become some princess? Can never relate to that kind of heroine. But then she writes about about Emilia and this uber tyrannical royal family and how she is bastardized and not recognized until she is the only blood heir.
This book is my version of royal, romance and suspense…so in my world, Murder She Wrote and romance novels mixed together. You are able to get so much out of one book. I really enjoyed the characters and I was invested in what happened next. I can’t wait for the second book in this trilogy.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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