Review of One Last Wish by Aurora Rose Reynolds….


I just realized I had not posted my review of this amazeball book I read….this series from Aurora Rose Reynolds is near and dear to my heart. The second in the series did things to my heart and gave me feelings that I was not prepared for. This third and finally book in the Shooting Stars Series, gave it a true end.
Review of One Last Wish by Aurora Rose Reynolds
****4 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
This series means so much to me and I really enjoyed this book, but I am a tad partial to Fight to Breathe….Aurora Rose Reynolds knows how that book gutted me. But this story was a great quick read of Aurora’s that needed to be told, since us die hard Shooting Stars Series lovers were left hanging.
Aurora has a great grasp of making you feel for her character, and Aubrey’s story is no different. The devastation she went through, had me using my t-shirt for a hanky. There is always something beautiful in the pain. That may sound crazy, but the way she writes it, the pain is written so beautifully and makes you want to know if things get better for Aubrey, if the one last wish is fulfilled. This is a good book and reading the series is a must people so don’t short yourself, read the whole series, you won’t regret it.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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