Review of Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen


*** ARC Received for Honest Review ***

***5 stars***

I get worried when an author I love comes out with a new book that I might be disappointed, but thankfully LJ Shen has never let me down once and this is still true.

Dirty Headlines is everything I love about LJ Shen’s book. The hotness factor is the off the charts just like I’ve come to expect. Judith Penelope Humphrey is a strong take no shit woman who has a lot on her plate. Celian gives new meaning to the word prick. He is a first class a-hole who is hotter than should be allowed. The push and pull between Jude and Celian is amazing, as are all of the obstacles put between them.

And have I mentioned the extremely panty melting sex… these two are burning up the pages every way possible.

LJ has a way of not only turning you on, but breaking your heart at the same time. This is so one-click worthy. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

****4.5/5 STARS****
****ARC Received for Honest Review****
I really dug this book….I am a LJ Shen fan…my best is a HUGE LJ Shen fan, so whenever one of her books pops up, I am to leap in and possible hurt myself to get it. No Catty Janes injured procuring this ARC, just the amazing luck of the draw. LJ, has this uncanny way of writing enemy to lovers scenarios like no other. I am so pissed off Jude in one breath, wanting to shake her silly and the next I am wanting to slam the Celian or being a complete douche.
There is such a dynamic power play with the characters and you can’t help but sit and watch or in this case read as it plays out. Now, there is no denying the sex and sex and sex, that is spectacular. But it’s a LJ  book so DUH. This is a buy now book.-Review by Catherine(Catty)

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