Review of No Tomorrow by Carian Cole


For some reason this did not post last week…but here is the review…..
Review of No Tomorrow by Carian Cole
***ARC Received for Honest Review***
***5 STARS***
Oh wow. I can’t stop crying or feeling. I’m amazed and at a loss for words. I’ve read Carian Cole before so I know how great her books are, but this so far beyond. I laughed, I cried, my heart has been shredded.
How can a couple be so perfect yet so toxic for each other? Evan “Blue” Van Blue is the epitome of tortured artist. I can’t even explain how much my heart hurt for him throughout the entire book. Then there’s Piper, the fairy, pixie, angel who has to endure. Ack, my heart just clenches for them both.
This is going to be more than a book hangover. This is a book heartache. (Review by Terri “Jane”)

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